Glamorous Place

At the well-known area of Politia which one can gaze at the city from high above the warm atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the view of the city will leave you breathless.

Overlooking all Athens ...

Upon entering Eleas Gi, our guest diner walks through an underground stone cellar with corridors replete with aging bottles of wine, an atmospheric stroll through the ageless odyssey of wine.
Greeted by one of our staff, you will receive the traditional welcoming with a glass of tsipouro from Karpenisi or mastic liqueur from Chios

“A high noon of July…
even if there were no olive trees
I would have contrived them.”

Odysseus Elytis

Ascending the path one can meet the old grocery store, filled with traditional products, jars with sweets and bottles with scented oil, which gives a unique disposition to the decoration.

Moving towards the main chamber, two young olive trees impressively stand welcoming the visitor, while the supremacy of the wooden-oven in front of the elegantly set tables, and state our devotion to traditional Greek cuisine.

As far as the great verandas are concerned they do bow in front of the magical view of the Attica land and of the blue sky. They insist on constituting the passage from the welcoming dining room to your beloved Athens which wonderfully unfolds in front of your eyes.