14 Flavors Menu

The menu offers modern dishes, inspired by the ancient Greek gastronomy, nurtured and executed, with the purest and local products of the Greek mainland and islands of Greece.

The 14 Flavors menu is available every day.

(58€ – 68€ / ΑΤΟΜΟ)


Βελουτέ σούπα µανιταριών

Wholemeal bread

Handmade pittas with olive oil and oregano

PDO Greek cheese cake in carob biscuit with tomato basil chutney

Greek pulses slow cooked in the wood oven with curry and fresh herbs

Greek legume salad

“Eleas Gi” Salad

Veal cheeks slow-cooked in the wood-fired oven with smoked aubergine foam,
αρωµατικό λάδι, σχοινόπρασο και καπνιστό αλάτι

Loukoumades with goat cheese, sesame & passion fruit sorbet

Lemon sorbet with mint syrup

Main Course Options
(68€ / Άτοµο)

Φιλέτο µοσχαρίσιο µε τσίπς τοπιναµπούρ, σάλτσα porto, baby καροτα, µπρόκολο & πατατα

Σπαλοµπριζόλα – Rib eye µε τσίπς τοπιναµπούρ & σάλτσα porto

Μοσχαρίσια ταλιάτα Black Angus µε τσίπς τοπιναµπούρ

Black pork chops with aromatic herbs

Main Course Options
(58€ / Person)

Handmade seafood tagliatelle

Ριζότο µε θαλασσινά λαχανικά


Ριζοτο µε σπαράγγια, πεστο βασιλικό, αµύγδαλο φυλέ και λάδι τρούφας

Vegetables risotto


Κριθαρότο µε φινόκιο, γαρίδες, φέτα και σάλτσα µπισκ

Χειροποίητες ταλιατέλες µε µοσχαρίσια µάγουλα σιγοµαγειρεµενα στον ξυλόφουρνο

Veal cheeks slow-cooked in the wood-fired oven with smoked aubergine foam,
αρωµατικό λάδι, σχοινόπρασο και καπνιστό αλάτι

Τραχανότο µε κοκκινιστό φιλέτο κόκορα

Οσοµπούκο σιγοµαγειρεµένο στον ξυλόφουρνο και ριζότο µε κρόκο Κοζάνης

Organic rooster flavored with Greek aromatic herbs and lemon sauce

Beef burger Black Angus with Lesvos cheese

Μπριζολάκια χοιρινά

Slow cooked Lamb in our wood-fired oven, sealed with dough


"loukoumi" ice cream

Bitter chocolate Mousse

Καρυδόπιτα µε κρέµα τυριού και σιρόπι εσπρέσσο

— The menu is for 2 persons or more

Pineapple salad Greek Cheeses Tart
in barley biscuit cookie
Sarmades in vine leaf
with egg-lemon sauce
Kebab with cheese mousse Veal cheeks
with whole grain tagliatelle
Orange pie

Our Producers

We traveled everywhere in order to discover the finest ingredients.

From the Kythera honey and the oil cheese of Lesvos and from the black wild boar of Evritania and the olives of Messinia, to the seafood of the Saronic Gulf, we reassured to collect the finest Greek flavors in order to offer them to you unconditionally.

Our Philosophy

At Eleas Gi we believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, so we make sure on a daily basis that they are always local and fresh from the top producers in Greece.