Valentine's Menu

The feast of Love is coming soon and Eleas Gi takes care of you by providing various flavors, shredded from the purest raw material.

Valentine's Day was created for those moments that offer love and care, identical to the form of relationship we have with the cuisine.

Our menu will be available for Valentine's dinner.

(85€ / ΑΤΟΜΟ)


Mushroom soup

Fluffy pita bread with olive oil and oregano

Greek legume salad

Salad with green organic herbs, goat cheese, strawberries and peanuts

PDO tart of cheese in a carob biscuit with tomato jam

Λουκουµάδες τυριού µε µαρµελάδα από µπέικον, αποξηραµένα φρούτα και κουκουνάρι

Παναρισµένο ριζότο µανιταριών µε θυµάρι και σάλτσα Μετσοβόνε

Thinly sliced veal fillet with capers, lime and gruyere

Main Dish

Beef tagliata Black Angus

Organic rooster with Greek aromatic herbs and lemon sauce


Pork fillet with plum sauce


"loukoumi" ice cream

Red Velvet with cheese mousse and forest fruits

Fluffy chocolate pie with chocolate ganache

Milk pie


Limoncello, Mastic, Tentura, Tsipouro

Our Producers

We traveled everywhere in order to discover the finest ingredients.

From the Kythera honey and the oil cheese of Lesvos and from the black wild boar of Evritania and the olives of Messinia, to the seafood of the Saronic Gulf, we reassured to collect the finest Greek flavors in order to offer them to you unconditionally.

Our Philosophy

At Eleas Gi we believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, so we make sure on a daily basis that they are always local and fresh from the top producers in Greece.